Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anno Mirabile!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANNO MIRABILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Year of miracles! 
On February 8, 2013, George F. Will wrote a long column advocating the breakup of the nation's largest banks. Just imagine the stomach-churning at the Republican National Committee! Break up the big banks!! Why, that damned Socialist!
At the beginning of paragraph 4, George actually commits apostasy, criticizing that saint, the very essence of the living God, Ronald Reagan!
"In a sense, TBTF [To Big To Fail. Ed.] began under Ronald Reagan with the 1984 rescue of Continental Illinois,then the seventh largest bank.
Gasp! Blasphemer! Profane Scribbler! Writer of Lies! Blaming the Holy Reagan! Why, why, why, that sentence could have been written by a liberal!!!!! Choke, cough, gasp!
Then another apopletic sentence:
"There is no convincing consensus about a correlation between a bank's size and supposed efficiencies of scale, and any efficiencies must be weighed against management inefficiencies associated with complexity and opacity."
My GOD! This sentence says that giant companies, like giant banks, may not be good for the American economy!!! And that, that, that, it hints that binges of greed in the private sector do not of necessity contribute to the well-being of the American community.

Last paragraph:

"By breaking up the biggest banks, conservatives will not be putting asunder what the free market has joined together. Government nurtured these behemoths by weaving an improvident safety net and by practicing crony capitalism. Dismantling them would be a blow against government that has become too big not to fail. Aux barricades!"

Gulp! Choke! Wheeze!! Holy Ronald along with George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush "...practic[ed] crony capitalism"!! We already know that the execrable Bill Clinton and the unmentionable Barack Obama were guilty, but these righteous and godly Republicans, paragons of virtue and sinlessness, they too????? Is there no justice, no love of morality, no standard of truth in this our land?????

I must say it: George F. Will is advocating ideas that the infamous Occupy Wall Street espoused. Of all things! It looks like the New Republicanism starts with this article. They lost bad and they lost big in the last election - echoes of 1948 reverberate across America. Yes, this is the first evidence of change. Let's see what a few more months produce.


"Underperformed" I'll Say!!!

The Solicitor General of the United States reported this month that the 206 billion dollars allocated to rebuild Iraq in the ten years since the war have "underperformed."

With that amazing statement one is forced to ask, just what did that war accomplish, what war aim was attained? Why did over 4,400 Americans give their lives to, uh, "free" that country?
And on Facebook, we see George W.'s smiling face with the caption, "Miss Me Yet?" And former Vice President Cheney says that he regrets nothing and would do the same again.
Don't these people have any sense at all?